Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Five

It's Good Friday and I have the day off from school. So, I slept in which means my Friday Five is getting done a little later than usual.  Enjoy!

Women's Superfudge T-shirt from Out of Print would be perfect for me to wear to school. As a school librarian I love to have book-ish things in my wardrobe.

I hate shopping for swimming suits but every suit I've purchased from Lands End has been amazing.  They aren't cheap, but in this case you get what you pay for. I love this top and have some black bottoms from there that would work with it. I just need it to go on sale. is a fantastic website that will suck you right in and let you waste hours of time. If you've ever remembered a portion of a book but not the title, this website allows you to enter a description of the book and readers can attempt to help figure out what book you are looking for.

What is it with me and stripes?  This shirt is at JCrew Factory right now and would be a great springtime top. I like that the color is a little different -  not a true red- and the back portion hangs down a little longer.

I'm intrigued  by this t full of photos. The enlarged picture lets you see the pictures up close. Boden has a few other cute t's in this series as well.

Happy Easter, everyone!  Were there any spring things that caught your eye this week?

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