Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blast From The Past

April 2005 was when I ran my one and only half marathon.  I had a three and a half year old and a one and a half year old, so my reading time was somewhat limited.  

I read Dean Karnazes' Ultra Marathon Man while running on the treadmill, which was great motivation for my own running.  I can still remember this book vividly, and especially enjoyed the list of all the foods he ate in a day while training along with the calorie count.  

Jacquelyn Mitchard, Rebecca Wells, and Jane Green were authors I loved ten years ago, and are still ones I enjoy today.  Their work is something I am always sure to check out and read.

Anne Bartlett's book Knitting was one I chose for its cover.  I'm also a sucker for knitting stories and this is just one on a topic I enjoy.

How about you? What were you reading a decade ago? Five years ago? Last year?


Kay said...

So, in order to find out what I read 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years ago, you'd have to go and check out my blog post today. I mentioned this feature of yours, which I love, by the way.

And, a marathon with 2 preschoolers. Wow! Just wow!

Ti said...

I flipped back to a blog post in 2008 and settled on Prodigal Summer. I didn't like it while I was reading it, but once I finished it I kept going back to it in my mind. My books back then were mostly chosen because of book club.