Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Salon

It's hard to believe Easter is just one week away - and hard to believe that today is Sunday already.

This coming week soccer practices start for Middle Sister and Little Sister (and my husband who is coaching Little Sister's team).  That will take up four evenings a week. Last week Big Sister started track practice.  I have a six week mentoring book study at school that begins tomorrow afternoon. I'm glad that I already have meals mostly figured out for the week which should help our suppers a bit.

This past weekend we had a work party for my husband at a co-worker's house.  Kids were welcome, but the adults were way more into the party than the kids.  By 8:30 the karaoke machine was going which the adults used until the end of our evening.  

And of course, what's a party without dressing up?  Even the adults added some wigs and tutus to their outfits.  It was a good way to end a busy week, but I am definitely not used to staying up late.

I'm still thinking about getting on the elliptical machine for a while.  I've eaten a lot of junk today, so I might not need to feel quite as guilty if I can at least burn a few calories.  And, I have a lot of stuff to work on for school.  There's nothing like waiting until the last minute to dig all of that stuff out.

Hopefully you've found a few minutes to yourself this weekend to read, relax and get ready for a busy Holy Week ahead.

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Ti said...

My Sunday didn't turn out quite as planned. The Hub took The Girl to Six Flags so after church, I was supposed to chill out and watch Mockingjay but the Teen's lack of communication had me going to pick him up from his church, waiting for over 30 min, only to realize that he wasn't there. I called and called and he was not answering so I finally left and he was home. That made me really made because by the time I started the movie, I knew it would not be over by the time the hub and girl returned and sure enough... it wasn't. Had to stop the movie like 15 times to make dinner, do laundry and get the girl's electives chosen for junior high.

The move was good though. I just wish I could have watched it all at once.