Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dear Hank Williams

Tate Ellerbee's teacher has assigned the class to write to penpals. While most children find a relative to correspond with, Tate begins to write to Hank Williams, a rising music star.  

Through these letters Tate reveals the struggles her family has had. And there are plenty.  Tate is being raised by her great aunt and uncle, having neither her mother nor her father able to care for her.  And as she deals with her heartache it is obvious how much the family she does have loves her.

Told entirely in letters, this story reveals what life in Louisiana in 1948 was like.  Holt includes a few historical notes in back explaining where she received the inspiration for her story and a bit more about the time period.

I love Holt's work, and this is no exception. Perfect for 4th-6th grade readers, who will no doubt fall in love with Tate.

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