Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Salon

I'm so excited that today is March 1, which means spring must be right around the corner. Another sign of spring is the local ice cream store opened yesterday. After the girls cleaned their room, we visited it as a treat.

Little Sister and her friend

I am enjoying a three day weekend since I had two nights of conferences last week at school.

On Friday Big Sister had surgery on a six year molar that never erupted.  The shot in the roof of her mouth was not a big hit, but I think the soreness and swelling are not much fun, either.  The goal is that by removing the gum covering this tooth, it will now erupt. If it doesn't there may be another surgery to remove it since they are worried the root will grow around her jaw.  This is just peanuts compared to chemotherapy and all the other stuff she has been through, but it still isn't much fun, and may be one of the late effects of the drugs she was given.

So, our weekend has been low-key with quite a bit of cleaning involved.

I did do a bit of reading, a bit of running, and also a bit of lesson planning.

Today I am hoping for more of the same.  I have enough leftovers to get us through today, and a few easy meals ready for supper this week.

At church today we celebrated three baptisms this year with a baby blessings reception.  I couldn't help but take a picture of the cake which I am still a little bit intrigued by. Very odd.

Despite the fact that there were three naked babies on the cake, my girls managed to eat plenty of it.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, too.

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Kay said...

Yay for the ice cream shop! Sorry about the gum surgery for your big girl. I totally understand about the shot. Had to have a tooth pulled and an implant done last year. Expensive and a screw in the jawbone. Not much fun. In any case, it all worked out well.

OK, that cake I suspect is like all those pictures that parents get taken of babies these days. Have you seen those? Babies all scrunched up with little hats or whatever and posed. I think they are sorta cute, but my husband finds them very disturbing. He won't let me show him anymore if I see one on Facebook. LOL