Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Five

I've had my Friday Five picks ready to go since midweek. And, I could have added many more than five things this week.  These are the highlights:

Gap Scarf - I feel like the daisies make the scarf look spring-like, yet I love the color combo, which isn't the traditional yellow. I'm still waiting for this to go on sale.

Bat Wing Top - from Dress Lily.  I ended up ordering this top, which cost me all of $11 including shipping. I love how it looks on the model, and am hoping I like it as much when I have my own.  At least since I only have $11 invested, I won't be totally upset if this gets handed down to someone else.

Athleta Top - I like the bright color of this top, which is now marked down to $34.99.  I'm not sure yellow is my color, since I am more pale than not, but it would definitely perk my exercise wardrobe up.

Pendant necklace - If there is one item I would buy from this Friday's Five, this pendant necklace from Nordstrom, is my choice hands down. It's not super expensive, and I could wear it with nearly everything.

Brianna Knight Dress from Garnet Hill - I told my mom I liked this dress and wanted her to see it.  She texted back that it was very dotty and had a low cut neckline. So.....I still like this dress, but would like it better if I had a different body. I bought a great navy blue dress years ago now that is pretty standard. I think it is perhaps the only dress I own, and would like to update this a bit.  I'm just going to have to keep my eyes open for a good replacement.

What things have caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

Dots are in right now. I like the dots.