Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Salon

I've just returned home from the grocery store and will soon be getting things ready so I can make up some meals for the week.  It's nice to have this done ahead of time, and honestly, I almost don't know what to do with myself some nights, since there is less time I have to devote to cooking.

This weekend was a bit of a mixed bag of activities.  Yesterday Big Sister was in a spelling bee. It was the first time she had tried something like that, and despite the fact that no one from her school did well, I am glad they all participated.  (Back when I was in middle school I participated in several spelling bees and loved it - I was sitting in the back of the room yesterday with my notebook, spelling the words that were given to the contestants).

My husband is still busy with wrestling.  Yesterday was the beginning of the tournaments to determine who will eventually compete at the state tournament.  As of now, six wrestlers will continue on.

And while wrestling seems to dominate our house, I went to the UNI Men's basketball game last night with a friend.  They are ranked 15th in the nation right now, and it was fun to see them play.

Today we've been to church, grocery shopping, and will eventually get to my mom's house for a bit.  

Then time to prepare for a busy week ahead!  Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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Ti said...

My weekend was a blur of activity but we wrapped-up the show and have a tiny bit of down time before the next one begins. We were supposed to have track practice this week but the field is not available so it was delayed by a week. Fine by me.