Thursday, February 19, 2015


Sarah Weeks So B. It is a go-to novel that I recommend to many students.  I was lucky enough to get to hear her speak, so I am always anxious to read what she publishes.

Honey is Weeks' latest novel.  Although short in length she packs in a good story for fourth-sixth grade readers.

Melody and her father live in a small town in Indiana.  Although Melody's mother died right after she was born and it has always been just her and her father, Melody wishes she knew more about her mom.

When Melody overhears her father calling someone honey, she and her friend, Nick, decide to figure out who the mystery woman is.

A dog named Mo also narrates part of this story, as he recalls part of his life as a puppy.  What he most remembers is the happiness he felt with the couple who adopted him, and how he was taken away by someone else.  Now Mo is in Royal himself, living with the owner of the brand new beauty shop.

Weeks' novel weaves many strands together into one good story.  As an adult, I could find a few questions I had and a few criticisms about the story line which I felt didn't stand up to my scrutiny, yet my fifth grade daughter absolutely devoured  Honey, loving every word. Since Weeks' intended audience is children, I will defer to my daughter's assessment.

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