Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Salon

As Christmas break comes to an end, I am feeling a bit frantic as I realize how lazy I have been this past week and a half.  We have had a lot of fun.  And we did accomplish a few things.  (Little Sister's bedroom and closet are finally really, really clean!). But now I am left with menu planning, lesson planning, and consulting my planner to see what the week ahead holds.

One of the highlights of our break was a quick trip to Des Moines on Friday. A former student moved there and I have stopped to see him a few times since his move.  This time I brought along a surprise visitor- my friend Crystal who happened to be his music teacher. She and her daughters came along and we picked Pyae up to take him and all of our children to Sky Zone.

Add to that a trip to Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble and supper at my sister's, and it was a full day.

So far there has only been one day in 2015 that we have been in bed before midnight.  Can you see the problem this might pose tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off for school?

Other highlights of the break include seeing two movies - something we don't do a lot of normally. Both were good.

We've also been to the orthodontist and the ENT specialist.  Big Sister will probably need to have a tooth surgically removed since a six year molar never erupted. The fear is that it has grown around her jaw.  Braces are in her future, but not until we can take care of some of the primary teeth that haven't yet fallen out.

Little Sister will most likely have her tonsils out sometime this winter. She struggled with strep last winter and when I took her to an ENT last spring they weren't very inclined to remove her tonsils. However, she has managed to need antibiotics three times this winter already for strep or tonsillitis so it seems she needs them removed.  

I'm making my grocery list, finishing a few books, and then bursting into action.  Back to reality!

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