Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five

Here we go again.  Another Friday Five!

 I have one pair of Ugg Boots, but I would happily add another to my collection. Love the stitching on these.  And right now they are on sale.

Love this song, even though I am definitely not crazy about the lyrics.

Despite following the same recipe for protein pancakes as the one pictured above, my pancakes looked nothing like this, but they were so yummy that I couldn't help but share.  My sister-in-law tried them out herself and also enjoyed them.  Definitely something I am adding to my breakfast line-up.  The best news is they are so tasty you won't even need syrup.  

My own Little Free Library doesn't look anywhere as cool as these featured on Mental Floss.  So jealous!

I haven't had my knitting needles out in a few years, but seeing this poncho makes me want to break them out again.  Of course, I would also need my mother's help because my knitting ability doesn't include more than simply knitting and purling. Forget trying to read a pattern and achieving something as complex as stripes!

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Ti said...

I made myself some makeshift, gluten free pancakes last night out of what I had around the kitchen. Oh my word they were horrible. They looked good. Really good but tasted like what I imagine wall paste would taste like and they never cooked all the way in the middle, no matter how long I cooked them which scared me a little. I got three good bites of blandness and then dumped them.

We are eating up stuff in the pantry because I have to do a big grocery trip this week with Super Bowl and all so I tried to make do with what I had.