Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Food: A Love Story

When I checked out Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan I had no idea who Gaffigan was.  The librarian nicely informed me that her husband loves Gaffigan, a stand-up comic.  So, at the very least I knew that his book would be entertaining, and not necessarily a deep read.

I love food, but not as much as Gaffigan, I will admit.  And since there are so many foods available, Gaffigan has a lot of material he can cover.  

I did better reading this book in short spurts, although there were a few times I tried to read big chunks of it.  Although Food is always funny, I felt like I enjoyed the jokes a bit more when I read just a few chapters at a time and not a hundred pages in one sitting.

Gaffigan does a great job poking fun of himself and his own love of eating.  There were many times I chuckled to myself, and also many times I nodded at whatever observation Gaffigan made about food. 

I can't recall the last book I've read that would fall under the humor category. This one was well worth my time.

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