Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Salon

The stomach flu that I had on Friday has found me again today.  I felt fine until I got up this morning, but ate only a few bites breakfast and have been spending time in the bathroom.  I am hoping this is short-lived. I have a lot of stuff to get done!

We have the tree and our decorations up, thanks to some help from the girls. Unfortunately we had to throw away several ornaments which may be the result of being in storage for nearly two years.

I had a day at home on Friday which allowed me to get quite a bit of resting done. I know I am sick if I don't eat or read!  Yesterday when I was feeling better I ran a few errands and helped Big Sister and Little Sister get their bedrooms entirely cleaned.  At least some part of the house is neat and tidy.

Merry Grinchmas from Little Sister

Later today, as long as I feel OK, our family has tickets to go see Christmas with Wartburg.  Wartburg is the college my husband and I attended and earned our degrees. Their Christmas program is well known all over the state. We have never taken our children before, so I am hoping this is something we may want to do every year during the holiday season.

As far as what's cooking: nothing. I'm not feeling much like eating but sadly the rest of my family will need me to think something up for them.

Watching:  While everyone was gone, I indulged in an episode of The Good Wife.  Love that show (even though I am several seasons behind).

Reading:  Finished up The Paying Guest (review to come) which I loved, and am finishing up The Rosie Effect today.

We have an elementary Christmas concert, volleyball practices, wrestling meets and a few other things scheduled for this week, including my observation and evaluation at work.  It's time to feel better.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Ti said...

Were you able to attend the Christmas event? I was struck with the barfs again on Saturday and I had a dental appt! I got through it but I reacted weird to the surprise filling and novacaine and ended up coming straight home to nap. That was a bad idea because I had stuff to bake and almost didn't have time. I was so out of it. Are you better today?