Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five

My Friday Five is a little late today. I started feeling sick yesterday at school and by the time I got home went straight to bed.  My husband was coaching at a wrestling meet last night, so this morning when I got up I realized my youngest two daughter really did fend for themselves. They ate Lunchables for supper and tried to leave me alone.

I haven't missed work for illness in a few years, but today I am home recuperating.  

You would think I would have been surfing the net for my Friday Five, but instead I've been sleeping.

I feel like there are many times during the year when a pair of sweatpants suffice as pajamas for me, but during Christmas it feels like I should put a little more effort into things.  These fleece pants are at Old Navy now for the low price of $7.

And since I was looking at jammies on the Old Navy site, I found this cute retro like t-shirt.  Might as well add it to my cart.  

This article has got a lot of publicity.  I am not sure I could do this (which is what most of the replies seemed to say), but I admire these parents for not allowing their children to continue to feel entitled.

This Santa garland is on sale at Garnet Hill. I haven't had my decorations out since 2012 with our kitchen remodel, so I am ready to add some new things to our collection.

Sundance has these wintery pillows that I would love to get out every holiday season in my house. They aren't in my price range, especially when I have to factor in a dog that thinks he should get up on our couch, but maybe someday I can find some cheaper knock-offs.

That's it for today, folks. I am heading back to bed to rest up. Enjoy your weekend!

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Ti said...

I hope you feel a little better now. I had a weird thing happen to me after my holiday book club meeting. We snacked on stuff. I was limited with the gluten allergy but didn't have an appetite.

By the time I got home,the top part of my stomach was all swollen. So weird. No pain but I didn't feel all that great.

This morning, I felt sick to my stomach and actually tried to get sick a couple of times but after a piece of toast my stomach is just fine now! I have no idea what was going on. My stomach is tender to the touch right now. Could it be a gallbladder thing??

Not fun at all.