Saturday, December 13, 2014

Picture Books: Jumping on the Bandwagon

These books most likely aren't new to you, but just in case you needed my stamp of approval, these two titles are ones I loved reading aloud to Little Sister the other night before bed. They are ones I've added to my school library order, and probably at some point they are titles I'll add to our collection at home.

Bella is taking her dog out for a walk, when as he comes near the center of the page, the book swallows him up. He just isn't there anymore.  As Bella tries to get help, everyone else also disappears into the center of the book, which can only be fixed by shaking the book sideways for the characters to come tumbling back out.

This is a great read aloud.  Ever since my students heard Press Here I have been looking for another book that will allow them to engage with the words on the page in a similar way. Although this is not another Press Here, it is a funny little story that will get kids thinking and laughing.

Louise loves art and goes about creating her piece de resistance (I secretly love reading that phrase aloud).  As Louise looks for a place to display her work, her brother, Art, uses some of Louise's work to create his own masterpiece.  
Louise isn't really paying much attention to her little brother, but it's a good thing Louise loves Art just as much as she loves art.

The illustrations are reminiscent of Olivia (by Ian Falconer) with splashes of red amidst other more subdued hues, and totally caught my eye.

This is another winner I will be adding to my collection.

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