Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Five

I've had no trouble finding five things to highlight this week.  With the holidays approaching I can find lots of stuff I'd like to buy.  

These potato chips covered in chocolate were a hit at work. I bought a bag when I ran to Target, and a few of us tried them out. I would buy them again but did note the bag was mostly air and cost $4. A bit steep for the amount of food we got.  Also, even thought we did enjoy them, the chip flavor is definitely secondary to the chocolate.  

Still needing a stocking stuffer?  This silly straw pair of glasses is something I can see boys or girls enjoying. I ordered a pair to use as a gift if needed.


A few weeks ago some co-workers and I came to school with our fur vests on.  Yes, a bit ridiculous. But we had a good time.  I've had my fur vest for six or seven years. I'm feeling rather cutting edge since I am seeing them everywhere this year. I'd happily add a second fur vest to my wardrobe. This one from Garnet Hill is lovely.

Another sweater I could add to my collection. I think this could work for the holidays especially well.

I'm pretty sure that as long as the words 'fair isle' are in the description, I'm going to love it.  This sweater is 50% off at Ann Taylor Loft right now. I'm trying to restrain myself.  

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Ti said...

I tried the chocolate chips but So Cal should not sell them since they melted a little at some point and then just became one giant clump. Not pretty.

I really need to buy some sweaters soon. I mean, I may not get to wear them for long but I haven't bought a good one in so long.