Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Salon: Winter Preparation

Yesterday I had the girls dig out boots, mittens, scarves, and snow pants and assess what we had that fit and what we needed.  We managed to get everything we truly need, except for Middle Sister's boots.  That is on the agenda today for me to order from Zappos.

The word is that we are getting snow tomorrow.  November 10th seems awfully soon for snow.  And that just makes it seem like winter is going to last forever.

Bad photography aside, the picture above is from Big Sister's XC banquet.  I was prepared for a meal and short little speech.  Not two and a half hours of fun.  The coach is awesome and she was able to speak about every runner individually, but there are 49 runners, so that took a long time. And the only thing I could think about while this was going on, was the fact that my throat was getting sorer and sorer (is that a word?!) by the minute.  I went right to bed once I returned home. Although I didn't miss any work, I didn't go to my exercise class very much this week and my darn nose is still running constantly.

The forecast of snow has me thinking of Christmas, so today I am going to run a few errands and hopefully pick up a few things for the girls for Christmas.  I need to put a strict limit on spending, but I would love to get the shopping done early.

For lunch I've whipped up some egg noodles with chicken, some different cheese soups a little chicken broth and garlic, pepper, and salt stirred in.  It is just warming in the crock pot and seems like the perfect comfort food for cold weather.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!


Melissa F. said...

November 10 does feel too early for snow - although, sadly, that's sometimes our reality here, too. I need to do the same with the winter gear. We're only looking at a plunge in temperatures this week - no snow yet.

Hope you feel better soon!

Ti said...

How are you feeling today? Did you actually get snow?

We dropped a few degrees yesterday and it was overcast which was a nice change from the 90 degree temps.

I am feeling the lure of Christmas too. I asked the kids last night what they'd want as a gift if we could only buy them one gift. The Teen said a new suit and The Girl said a room makeover. I thought those were pretty good answers.

Last night, The Teen asked to drive my car and I tell ya, I kept calm but inside I was losing it a little. Especially when he rolled into an intersection without stopping or looking!