Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Salon: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Less Like Christmas

Overnight the snow has mostly melted. Thank goodness!  In fact the temps managed to get into the 50s yesterday, which felt like an absolute heatwave.  

Earlier this week my drive to work looked a lot like what I expect of winter driving.  

And despite there being no real weather to worry about, our electricity went off in our neighborhood on Monday night, not to be repaired until after we ate breakfast, dressed, and left for work.  The house was a chilly 58 degrees when we left for the day. 

I have also been busy with the book fair this week.  Busy is perhaps an understatement. During our family night the book fair was so full of customers I couldn't even walk around.  It's exciting to see, but I was ready to pack it in on Friday.

Little Sister had the thrill of being taken to the Mall of America in Minneapolis with a friend and her parents for the weekend.  They also visited the Macy's Christmas display downtown, stayed and swam in a hotel, and had a lot more fun than the rest of us left at home.

Of course, she's the child who likes to have me right next to her at all times. We've only received one rather tearful phone call. I legitimately believe her friend's mom when she says she is fine (I have seen her turn the tears on for me many times when she has been just fine moments before).  I will be interested in hearing what she has to say about her big adventure.

Without Little Sister, I have found time to read a little more.  It still doesn't begin to touch the stack of books I have waiting for me, but I am happy to X a few off my list.

The work week is a short one - just three days for me, two for my daughters.  I am ready for a little break, a little Christmas shopping, and some tasty, not so healthy food.

Happy Week Before Thanksgiving, everyone!


Anne Bennett said...

We keep hearing about all the snowy weather elsewhere in the country. Not here. Wet, wet, wet. Have a good week and a happy thanksgiving.

Ti said...

We have rain today and a big storm hitting tomorrow. I had to take the Teen out to drive in it yesterday because for driver's ed he needs so many hours in the rain. That is impossible to do in So Cal these days. Anyway, no one could drive in it. The roads haven't seen moisture in so long they were like oil slicks. We survived after a brief loss of traction and me almost putting my foot through the van floor.

I am back at work today and a little crabby.