Saturday, November 22, 2014


A week ago we saw our first small snowstorm.  Thankfully, this weekend it should hit  a balmy 40 degrees.

However, even though I'm not very excited to see snow in person, I was thrilled to receive Blizzard by John Rocco in the mail the other day. I had pre-ordered this one long ago after having fallen in love with Blackout by Rocco.

Rocco's latest picture book is based on events in his own life- a 1978 snowstorm that hit his Rhode Island hometown and left drifts fifteen feet high.

I will readily admit that often I focus more on the story than the illustrations, but in Blizzard I loved both.  I loved that the snowstorm begins with just one flake.  I loved the fold-out showing where the boy walks when he is sent to get supplies.  I loved tracing his path.  I loved that this was based on a memory from Rocco's own childhood.

Both my eight year old and I exclaimed over this book.  Tonight she is already planning to read it again, this time with her father. 

Sometimes I am disappointed in a book after I have anticipated it for such a long time.  This is not the case with Blizzard.  I can hardly wait to read it to my classes, press it into the hands of my students and give it as a gift to my nieces and nephews.

Rocco has created another winner.

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