Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Salon: Extra Hour Edition

Thank goodness for the extra hour of sleep this weekend!  I hosted Middle Sister's birthday party on Friday night and Little Sister's on Saturday. I can definitely use the extra hour.  All this girl drama is exhausting!

On Friday another mom friend helped me take Middle Sister and eight friends trick or treating.  We had a haunted hike on our trail in the woods planned for them, bobbing for apples, and mummying each other with toilet paper. The toilet paper provided more entertainment than I bargained for; the girls went through eighteen rolls and loved that it made our floor slippery.  Cheap entertainment.

I thought Little Sister's party would be so mellow, but there is apparently drama that goes on already in second grade. I know this, but I always thought the dynamics in her class weren't quite like Middle Sister's. I now think they might be worse.  Exhausting!!  We managed to go swimming, have pizza, decorate cookies, bob for apples, and play a bit.  

We've had a good week, although it is colder.  Big Sister had a vocal festival on Monday night, but soccer is officially done this week, and that helps out a bit.

On Saturday Little Sister and I and walked through the harvested corn fields while visiting my mom at the farm. 

Today I still have some work to do for the ESL class I am taking and some lesson plans to write.  It feels like this day has gone on forever already but it's only mid-afternoon.  I also need to pick up dog food and trash bags at Wal-Mart.

I made a quick batch of beef stew for supper, but am sorely disappointed with the results. I think this is the first time I've made stew on the new stove and the meat is absolutely burned to the bottom of the stock pot.  I am going to have to rethink this recipe a bit in the future.

There is cleaning to do, laundry to fold, but I am going to curl up with a book for a few minutes of relaxation before I tackle more work.

How about you? Are you enjoying your extra hour this weekend?

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Ti said...

Girl drama. It is too much! On Halloween, a kid from school tagged along with my daughter and her friend when my hub was taking them trick or treating. I know this kid and she is trouble. He asked if her mom knew, she said yes. You see where this is going. After the mom called me frantic, I texted him and yep, he had her so I had him take her back. My daughter said she ruined it for them. Drama.