Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Salon

These Sundays seem to roll around so quickly on the weekend.  My husband is watching the Green Bay Packers game and I am taking a few minutes to post before returning to laundry and cleaning.  Later today I need to run Middle Sister and her friends to a volleyball clinic.  While they are there I am going to run a few quick errands.

Yesterday my sister, her husband, and son came for a quick little visit.  We had soccer games in the morning and family pictures in the afternoon, but still got together for pizza in the evening.  I know Christmas is still a ways off, but since my mom had all the grandkids together, we did a little picture taking so that she already has some photos she can use for her Christmas card.

Middle Sister and her cousin

 Grandma and her grand-kids

My mom, sister, me and my brother

I started back up with my exercise classes last Monday. I've been taking this same class for the last 18 months, but I'm on a mission right now to follow their meal plan.  Oh, my goodness!  It's all healthy stuff that I can eat, and I am totally not starving, but I so want to eat something crappy.  I can just about taste peanut butter M&Ms.  Instead, for lunch I had a whole wheat tortilla, kale, avocado, cucumber, and hummus.  For supper tonight I am having spaghetti squash, ground turkey with sugar free marinara sauce.  I would just really like to see what ten weeks of clean eating (the length of the session) looks like and what kind of changes I will be able to see in myself.

This next week we will be picking up Little Sister's new glasses.  She has been hiding them in her back pack and not wearing her glasses at school. Her eye sight has actually improved, which is good news, and she is very excited by this new pair of glasses.

Last weekend I had things ready for us to eat during the week, but I have done  no cooking this weekend.  Maybe I'll get the urge later.  I will say that following this meal plan is not very convenient for a person with a family since it is like having two separate menus for every meal.

We've got a band concert this week, more soccer, a few meetings after school for me, and Middle Sister's eleventh birthday (which I have not even started thinking about!).

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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Ti said...

Is the rest of your family on board with the clean eating or do you need to cook for them and then cook for you? I subscribe to some clean eating bloggers on Instagram and their food shots look, well, not that appetizing but I've done clean eating before, when trying to figure out my food allergies and lost sooooo much weight. I'd like to do it again.