Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Salon: Fabulous Fall

It is truly fall as I look out our dining room windows at the beautiful trees.  Yesterday Big Sister's XC team had their conference tournament.  It was a cool day, but without wind, which I always think is a good thing for running. Now her season is done. I am happy that she has said she will miss it. That means she had a good time and will be looking forward to next year.

Middle Sister's birthday ended with dinner at Old Chicago.  I get one "cheat meal" of the week, and I saved up so I could eat pizza with the family.  I won't deny that it tasted great.  Today I am back on the wagon again.

This coming week I have parent/teacher conferences at school.  That means two late nights of work, but I will have Friday off.  So looking forward to a three day weekend.  

I have no plans for supper yet, and need to run to the grocery store for a few essentials.  After that, I'll be folding laundry and getting things organized for a busy week at school.

I'd love to sit down and watch a show on Netflix. My girls are upset because TLC shows have been taken off of Netflix. That is pretty much their "go-to" TV channel, so this development hasn't made anyone very happy.  I'd like to see Downton Abbey or Parenthood or The Good Wife.  Just like with my reading- I'll never catch up!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful October afternoon!

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Ti said...

What do they watch on TLC? The Girl never watches anything on that channel but she seems to stick to what she knows and doesn't really browse much.

Weather. Our mornings feel like fall but yesterday, it was about 83 at one point. Better, but still warm. And no one, I mean no one has put their Halloween stuff up. I bought Christmas wrapping yesterday. I am all screwed up.