Monday, October 20, 2014

Night Blindness

Jensen was best friends with her brother, Will, and his friend, Ryder.  Thirteen years have elapsed since Will's tragic death - something Jensen has never talked about.

Jensen left her family and Ryder behind shortly after Will died, first attending boarding school, and eventually marrying an artist and living in Santa Fe.  Her attempt to start over has worked for thirteen years, but when her father is diagnosed with a brain tumor, Jensen returns home.

One of the first people she runs into is Ryder, and it is evident from their interactions with each other that there is more to their relationship than just mere friendship.

Ryder is now her father's doctor, a brain surgeon.  And Jensen has agreed to stay with her parents and assist in her father's care and treatment for the next two months.  

Sarah Strecker's novel was hard to put down. Not only was I interested in Ryder and Jensen's relationship, but I was also curious about what happened the night Will died, which is not initially revealed. There are some interesting family dynamics at play, Jensen's abandonment of piano playing - her passion, her father's cancer treatment, and Ryder's relationship with another doctor at the hospital that all add to the drama and suspense and create a very real and human story.

This is Strecker's first novel, and I can hardly wait to see what else she writes.

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