Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Five

I wish I could take credit for finding this awesome bag, but Ti from clued me in to them last week, and now I am wanting one for myself. They are a littel pricey, but when I see pictures of them, I can tell they are super sturdy. I can't help but think of how this bag looks like it could withstand carting a lot of library books around.  Check out the Merin Designs website.

You know, last week I was finally ready to admit I was OK with it being fall, and just seven days later, I'm scoping out Christmas decorations.  I guess my mindset has changed a bit.  This is the third year I've admired this Advent calendar garland that Garnet Hill carries. The $98 price tag is still restricting me....I keep thinking these will go on sale but every year they remain at full price.  

Groove Book is an app for your phone that is awesome!  Just get 100 pictures printed for you each month, mailed o you in this bound "groove book" for just $2.99 each month.  I always feel like I don't take that many pictures, but it is surprising how many I take now that I have a decent phone.  And I wasn't ever printing any photos out before. The quality of the photos isn't great, but my girls love looking at them. I am thinking it would be a great thing to have in my purse (moms of toddlers could really love this) to pull out at various waiting rooms, church, or anywhere to entertain kiddos.

A nice leather jacket would be a total luxury item, but each year I admire them when I get my Eddie Bauer catalog.  I have a 30% coupon, but even with that, the price is still high.  I'm dreaming of a year when this is an investment I can make.

I was out shopping last Thursday and saw this shirt at Crawdaddy Outdoors, our local sporting store.  I've looked on the Adidas website but can't find this shirt.  I'm waiting until it goes on's got a nice warm lining and I love the design.

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Ti said...

I want a Merin bag!! I am still waiting for their fall colors. They have a bag that is a stone color with black straps but it's not up yet.

A leather jacket would be a luxury buy but you would have it forever. I bought this suede jacket with my first paycheck when I was sixteen and that jacket took me all the way into my 30s. My cat attacked it and it met its demise but had it not been for the cat I would still have it.