Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five

I think you'll be able to tell that I am adjusting to the idea of fall weather. Lots of great new fall clothes and accessories out there right now.  Our heater just kicked on this morning and I am definitely grabbing a jacket before I head off to work every day. 

It seems belts go in and out of popularity- at least for me.  This belt from Sundance is one I would like to have in my wardrobe. Maybe I would wear a belt if I had one that looked as good as this.

I just told a co-worker yesterday that I loved her chambray shirt....which she told me she purchased at Old Navy long ago.  Lo and behold look what I found when I checked their website. I think this would be a great wardrobe staple.  So versatile.

Well, I'm going to have to accept the cold weather coming our way sooner or later....probably sooner, it seems.  Love this headband on Title Nine.  

Modcloth has this new scarf that I can already think of tons of things to pair it with.  I love the colors for fall.

I love Mental Floss, the magazine, with all the random bits of trivia it contains.  This week I posted a link on my facebook page that lists 15 little known facts about Iowa.  Love this!

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Ti said...

I love all of it. You find the best stuff. I want some Sperry Top Siders. It's a weird thing to think about when it is supposed to be Fall here but I can wear them year round.

Right now, I am waiting for Merin Designs to get their Fall bags in. I want this one: