Monday, August 18, 2014

The Swap

When I was in fourth grade I read Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers- long before Lindsay Lohan starred in the movie based on the book.

The Swap by Megan Shull has quite a few similarities to this novel, yet with its own twists and revelations.

Ellie is finding it difficult in her tween years. Her best friend has dropped her and not only has she found a new best friend, she is making Ellie's life miserable.  

Jack lives with his three brothers and father, who the boys refer to as The Captain.  Their very structured and scheduled lives revolve around hockey which they play and train for year round.  

When Jack and Ellie find themselves in the nurse's office at the same time both think the other person has an easier life. When they wake up they can find out for themselves if this might be true as they realize they are inhabiting a body that is foreign to them.

And they do have some revelations along the way.  Aside from the fact that they have to work hard to make it through the weekend in a home that is unfamiliar to them with rules and people they don't know, there are a few other surprises.  

Jack gets to go bra shopping and have a physical.  Ellie deals with ice baths after training and shrinkage. 

Shull does a great job of leaving things to the imagination, and giving these characters a little depth as well. Both realize that neither person's life is perfect. And both find a way to give the other person a little help in making their lives easier when they return to their own bodies.

This novel is fun.  It is a fast read with a premise that is guaranteed to entertain and get readers thinking a little bit.  

The Swap is a novel boys and girls will both enjoy and would make a great read aloud.

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Ti said...

I know the swap thing has been done before but I always enjoy it. This one sounds like a fun read.