Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Salon

On Thursday I started back to work. Summer 2014 is officially in the books.  I'm excited to start the school year, although I'm not feeling in the least bit ready for it, either.

To finish off the summer, Big Sister turned 13 on Friday.  We managed to get her birthday party/sleepover in before I returned to work.  She has a great group of girls in her grade and even though sleepovers can sometimes be challenging (and not all that much fun for parents), this one went well.

To cap off the celebration, I took Big Sister to the dentist the next morning, where they pulled two teeth. She had been having problems with an adult tooth coming in above her baby teeth that really weren't all that loose, and the dentist volunteered to "help" those teeth out.

Little Sister lost her second front tooth as well, so the tooth fairy has been very busy at our house.

And this weekend, as we attempt to get ready for a real schedule, Big Sister's BFF, from kindergarten-fourth grade made a return visit.  She's like a member of our family, and I'm happy these girls can pick up where they left off a few years ago. This visit was short and sweet, but last year when Emily visited, we were without water for a week. This year was much more relaxing.

Reading?  I feel like there just hasn't been enough time to really get any books read. And then, when I could read, I am thinking school thoughts.  Hopefully I can get in the groove quickly and get back to attacking my enormous TBR stack.

Cooking? Going back to school should actually help me out because I won't have to worry about three meals a day.  Making lunch and supper gets old quickly.  I already have some pre-made meals in the freezer for suppers that I am looking forward to having, and on Friday I met with a nutritionist who gave me a seven day meal plan to follow.  I spent yesterday snacking because today I am officially on the straight and narrow, following this plan.

Watching?  Nothing. There are so many shows I want to watch, but when it comes right down to it, I would rather read, and my book stacks never seem to get any smaller.

It's a beautiful Sunday out....I'm looking forward to a run a bit later and maybe even a little time outside with a good book.

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Ti said...

This Thursday we have back to school night for The Girl and next week, The Teen. He hates when we go to the high school for it but so often, he will get extra credit for us going so I try to go.

I have to work the information booth today because of budget cuts. This rips!! They fired all of the student assistants and now I have to do this. Everyone is supposed to be helping but my director is the only one who offered people up and this is my busiest week! I have communication stuff to take care of before the students return next week but I can't do much when I am at the booth.

Did you get the new Boden catalog? There is some nice stuff in there. I was drooling.