Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Salon: This Will Be Fast

The weekend has flown by, something that I'm adjusting to once again, and which means that I'm nearly ready to think about bed and have yet to blog or work on lesson plans.

With that being said... this post will be quick.  Big Sister and I spent the day running errands and birthday shopping for Little Sister who turns 8 on Friday.  We also attended a birthday party for my co-worker and friend, Crystal, who turned 50 yesterday.

We rushed home to throw some turkey burgers on the grill, start the nighttime routine, and get everything ready for the morning. 

Tomorrow Little Sister starts soccer, so soccer cleats, socks and shin guards had to be located and tried on.  

Big Sister has an early morning (6 AM) cross country practice tomorrow to avoid the afternoon heat....the rat race has begun.

I did find time to read two books this weekend, and would still like to get a few posts written before bed.  

Hope you had a relaxing weekend...although mine felt busy, I'm ready to go back to school and meet my classes again.

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Ti said...

I have to do some birthday shopping for my daughter too. I still have time but your mention of it reminded me.

Soccer and cross country. Yep, you are busy. My daughter starts audition/voice lessons for Annie tomorrow. Normally we do not do prep stuff for an audition but she really wants to make a good showing so she is taking some voice lessons on the side to get her up to speed. Honestly, she just wants a speaking part. She has done 6 shows now and they have all been dance roles.

Both of them start regular rehearsals for Annie on Sept 15th which seemed so far off but now, not so much.