Monday, August 25, 2014

All Fall Down

Jennifer Weiner's most recent book, All Fall Down, is one I devoured this past weekend.  

My friend, Kristin, read it earlier this summer and since both of us have read every book Weiner's written, I knew I would get around to it eventually. However, her endorsement did help bump it up on my TBR.

Allison Weiss has the life many people would envy.  A handsome and charming husband, a precocious daughter, and a job as a blogger on women's issues.  

However, despite all of that, or perhaps because of all of that, Allison feels overwhelmed.  When she injures her back and takes pills to help with the pain, Allison realizes that the relief she feels by taking these pills is helping her deal with the stresses of her life.

And soon the pills she is taking for the pain become a habit.  Allison finds ways to get pills from multiple doctors for a variety of reasons  She is tired al the time, her marriage suffers. But when she puts her child's safety in jeopardy, Allison begins to realize she may have a problem.

Allison's story is one many people may be able to relate to.  Seeing Allison self destruct was hard to read about, and I felt as though I was holding my breath each time she would take another handful of pills.

All Fall Down is a great quick read, and as a fan of Weiner's this one ranks near the top as one of my favorites she has written.

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