Monday, July 28, 2014

The Sweet Spot

I absolutely loved Big Girls Panties by Stephanie Evanovich and was excited to see that The Sweet Spot would feature the love story of Amanda and Chase, characters I was already familiar with.

The love story is sweet - the way Chase pursues Amanda who wants nothing to do with him, believing he will use her and then discard her for some beautiful model.  Amanda is a successful woman on her own, and owns and operates a successful restaurant. She doesn't need to hang on Chase.  Yet their attraction persists, and eventually the two begin dating.

Chase seems almost too good to be true. He's gorgeously handsome, a famous baseball player. However, Chase is hiding one thing from Amanda initially, he likes things kinky in the bedroom.  

I like a good romance, but this is where things started to feel a bit Fifty Shades of Gray-ish to me.  In addition to the kinky bedroom antics, Chase tries to control Amanda, and Amanda who had been this wonderful strong female, becomes a wimp.

Their relationship goes through some rough water, and I kept reading eagerly hoping the two could turn things around.

This was an enjoyable read, although I did like Big Girl Panties more. I am still looking forward to anything written by Stephanie Evanovich, who is a talented writer and has created some great stories.

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