Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Five

Before I focus on our trip to the Wisconsin Dells, I have to share this picture of our new table.  My husband built it in our garage and sanded and stained it himself.  He still needs to level it (note the shim under the left side) but it is mostly done. Which now means he can go on to building a bench.  This is one big table, and I am thinking I could entertain lots of guests.  

And on to the Wisconsin Dells update: 

 We decided to go mini golfing on day. This was a first for Little Sister who loved it.  She pretty much loved everything we did on this trip, so maybe next year she will be the only child we bring along.  The other two had many opinions about the torture we were putting them through (walking on a trail- the horrors!  Refusing to eat at a chain restaurant- what were we thinking?!)

 Finally, our last night in the condo I filled up the jacuzzi and let them soak in there.  

 Bowling on a rainy night. We only had flip flops on. So, not only did we get to wear these super cool bowling shoes, we got to purchase bowling socks. They are quite the fashion statement. And now we all own a pair.

Rocky Rococo's pizza still exists in Wisconsin. There used to be one around us, and I have many fond memories of ordering their super slice along with a chocolate chip cookie.  This is way back when I didn't gain weight just by looking at food.  The girls got their introduction to this treat, and we did go back for a second visit since they loved it so much.

The trip was a good one, but it feels great to be back home!  

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Ti said...

That table is gorgeous. I know you said he was challenge by the staining, at least I think you said that, but it's a lovely color. Goes really well with the flooring. Brings out the darker grain.

Vacations. My teen did not want to to with us to Palm Springs when we went for Spring Break. Did not want to do anything but he came along and was okay. My husband wanted to leave him home because he is a real PIA when he wants to be.