Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Girls From Corona del Mar

I finished The Girls from Corona Del Mar a few days ago, and am still processing what to say about this book. Mia and Lorrie Ann are characters I can't get out of my head.

There were some parts I really liked, and others that I just was not sold on.  

Mia has always idolized her childhood friend, Lorrie Ann. Although the girls grew up in Corona del Mar, there is little of the story that takes place there. Instead, the story focuses mostly on Lorrie Ann and Mia's perception of Lorrie Ann's perfect life.

When Mia was with Lorrie Ann she felt special, and everything centered around her friend.  As an adult, Mia is beginning to see that part of the bad luck that seems to find Lorrie Ann at every turn is a result of some poor decisions and unfortunate events that Lorrie Ann lived through.  All of these happened without Mia's knowledge, leaving her to ponder how much she really knew her best friend.

The two women spend virtually no time together in their adult years, yet when troubles occur, Lorrie Ann always seem to find her way back to Mia.

The portions about Mia and Lorrie intrigued me, as did their pasts.  Yet, other sections, such as Lorrie's drug use, were less interesting.  I longed for these girls to be true friends to each other - to be those tanned girls with golden hair growing up in Corona del Mar.  

Life is hard for Mia and Lorrie Ann, and although the ending is not happy, it seems realistic for the lives they have led.

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