Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Salon

The weather this weekend has been just perfect.  Sunny and mild - exactly what I've been waiting for after our never-ending winter.

Although all three of my daughters have complained of boredom this weekend, I have found more than enough to keep me busy.  Laundry, unpacking and organizing kitchen items (notice there hasn't been a picture of the kitchen remodel in its finished state since I still don't have things organized or uncluttered), going through winter clothes and putting out the spring/summer wardrobe, getting in a few good runs, and reading.  It has been an enjoyable, relaxing couple days so far.  

Yesterday afternoon I laid out on a lawn chair and read for a while.  So, this  morning when Little Sister informed me she was going outside to read, that is what I envisioned her doing.  

Instead she was walking around our front yard, reading away.  What can I say?  This is probably what I looked like at her age.

The other big thrill is that my husband put up the slack line that the girls got from their aunt and uncle in Montana for Christmas.
Middle Sister on the slack line

All three of the girls and my husband have been up (and down) on it throughout the day.  It looks hard, but I think it is even harder than it looks, and I have visions of falling off of it before I even get going.

Memorial Day seems to be the kick-off of summer reading - at least that is what I remember from other years and seeing various book segments on morning shows.  I still have a few weeks of school left, so I can't even really think about summer yet. However, if this weekend's reading is any indication, I am going to have a wonderful summer of books.  Although I still have reviews to write, I have flown through Vintage by Susan Gloss, To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han, Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly Whittmore, and am working on Struck By Genius by Jason Padgett. They have all been fabulous.  

I'm nearly ready to begin working on some skillet nachos and relaxing with a margarita.  Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Ti said...

Mmmm skillet nachos. Thank goodness I am having tacos tonight.

I have been reading with the girl. She was recommended for summer school, a reading program specifically which we opted out of for many reasons. One, the kid needs a summer to re-group and two, her real issue is math so why reading? But it made me think that maybe her comprehension isn't what I think it is so we have been taking turns reading to each other and I can see what the teacher is talking about. Her fluency is there but she doesn't always understand what she is reading. In just a week of reading together she seems to have improved so we will continue to do this all summer. That is what the program was called anyway, Reading Together or something like that.