Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Salon

It feels a little bit like summer today.  The sun is shining and I was even able to put on a pair of shorts.  

I'm relaxing with a raz-ber-rita and some homemade nachos while playing on the computer.  It's a great end to the weekend.

Yesterday morning my husband walked along our trail in our woods and discovered that one of the baby foxes we have enjoyed watching had become stuck in a tree and was hanging upside down from his leg that was broken. My husband spent the morning freeing him from the tree and then finding a clinic where it would get help.  

It is just sooo cute.  

Soccer, graduation parties, making some meals for our upcoming week, and quite a bit of treadmill running (for me) pretty much consumed the weekend.  I am still trying to organize things in our house and came up with several bags of trash and a few more bags of garage sale items.  

I'm feeling like it's time to relax and get some leisure reading done.  So many books I am trying to juggle at once!

How was your weekend? Busy? Relaxing?

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