Monday, April 21, 2014

The Divorce Papers

Told entirely in emails, letters and legal documents, Sophie has been hired to handle the divorce of Mia Meiklejohn Durkheim from her pediatric oncologist husband.

The divorce has a few twists and turns to it as both parties don't necessarily show their best sides all the time. Their daughter, Jane, and her custody arrangement is just one thing the two sides must agree on.

And for some reason, Mia has decided to have Sophie Diehl, a criminal prosecutor with no divorce experience  handle her divorce.

While Sophie grudgingly works on Mia's divorce (finding that there are just maybe a few aspects of this case she enjoys), emails with her friend, Maggie, reveal her own personal struggles with romance and her own parents.

I loved this novel and hope that Rieger has more stories in the works.

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