Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday was a beautiful, nearly 80 degree day.  Today it is a rainy, cold 45 degree day. Such is Iowa weather.  My three year old nephew spent the weekend with my mother and my family.  We traded him back and forth a few times, and he was a busy little guy.

He pretty much mastered these little stilts.


The hail storm provided some entertainment as the girls and J tried to see how much hail they could collect.

 Although not Easter yet, we decided we could decorate eggs with J. I bought the plastic ones from Wal-Mart that can be dyed.  I would give them a failing grade, but we had fun just the same.

Little Sister provided the bed time reading, David Gets in Trouble by David Shannon.

In addition to my nephew we had a college friend come and stay with us for part of the weekend. He helped my husband work on putting down new flooring on our stairs and entry. They don't have the project completed, but my husband is on his own now, and busy trying to get it done. 

I have barely read anything at all this weekend, and enjoyed the weather and soccer games that Middle Sister and Little Sister had yesterday.

This coming week we have only four days of school, and I am excited to have a short break for the Easter holiday.  There is a lot to get done before then and I am hoping that I can still get quite a bit done today so I feel a bit more prepared for the busyness of the next few days.

What about you? Any big plans for your week?

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