Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Perfect Score Project

My husband and I have argued about standardized testing for nearly as long as we have known each other.  He believes it is a true measure of intelligence. I believe there are some forms of intelligence that a standardized pencil/paper test cannot measure.  

Can you tell that he scored higher than I did on the ACT?  Even though neither of us has taken that test in 20+ years, it is still fodder for some rubbing-it-in fun every once in a while.

Debbie Stier is a mother to two teens when she decides to embark on her Perfect Score Project.  Her son, Ethan, will soon be applying to colleges and his mediocre grades and lack of ambition won't help provide scholarships.   But, a high SAT score might.

Stier begins a year of test preparation and practice as she looks for various tips and plans that may help raise her score, so she is better able to assist Ethan as he studies for his own SAT.  

Her methods might be considered a bit Tiger Mother-ish by some, but Stier doesn't subject her son to even near the same level of rigor that she displays as she studies for the SAT and takes the test seven times.

Part of The Perfect Score Project is an entertaining memoir of a year in Steir's life. The other part shares great tips and lessons for parents and children about to enter the test preparation crowd.

My own children aren't in this age range yet, but the times are coming when soon I will be in need of some SAT/ACT test prep advice.

I have started attempting (and attempting is being generous) completing the SAT question of the day myself, which is plenty challenging. I am certain I won't be signing up to take the SAT/ACT/GMAT or any other test anytime soon.

Visit Debbie Stier's website.

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