Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Salon

Ahhhh....the end of spring break. Tomorrow it is back to the rat race, which I am sort of looking forward to. I didn't accomplish much over break - not as much as I would like, anyway.

On Friday we headed to Lake City to watch Middle Sister's volleyball team compete in the 4th grade AAU state tournament.  It was a night of fun in a hotel with the other families, and then a day of watching volleyball games until their team was beat. They walked away with a fifth place finish, and one of Middle Sister's teammates was named MVP for the tournament.

Today we cleaned out our refrigerator and moved our food to the new refrigerator that was installed Friday while my mom sat at our house and waited for the Sears delivery men to arrive.

Our new refrigerator has so much room - I am loving how organized and clean it looks.  I had my girls look at it, too, so we can remember how it looks and try to keep it looking this neat.

Our kitchen isn't entirely done yet, but we can see the finish line.  Thank goodness.

It's time to think about bed and getting ready for our busy week. I can hardly wait to sit down and begin Jen Lancaster's newest book, Twisted Sisters.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Ti said...

I really need to scrub out my fridge. One of the kids spilled something in there, in that spot that you just can't get to and it's been driving me batty.

I am so sorry the weekend is over. The Girl needs one more day, I think, to get over this stomach thing. She went to school with much grumbling but she has no fever and hasn't been sick since Friday so technically, there is no reason to keep her home. I hope she can make it through the day.

This morning I am grumbling about everything. I just feel crabby. The Hub and I had a spat during my favorite show which ruined the experience for me so that just set the stage for today.