Saturday, March 22, 2014

Last Day of Break

What does one do on the last day of spring break?  Get new tires, I guess.  This wasn't in the plans for my day, but my husband noticed my tire was flat. He came home from work to put air in it so I could take it in to have it looked at.  

As I tried to show our mechanic which tire had the problem, I noticed right away something didn't look right.  Maybe this portion was not visible in our driveway, but I could easily see that there was a problem when I arrived at the service station.

The mechanic was so amazed that I was able to drive at all without it blowing, he had me wait for him to change it to a spare he had available, and then go on to have my tires replaced at the tire station he buys supplies from.  
So, not what I had intended for my day, but I am feeling fortunate that our trip to the Mall of America was a safe one.

What else did I have time for? A nice run on the treadmill,  a little reading, and packing up and heading out to Middle Sister's state volleyball tournament - with new tires on the van.

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Ti said...

So glad you got it changed out and managed to avoid any mishaps. I hate to spend money on tires. I bought tires last July and it cost over $1k for tires, but I try to think of that as necessary for safety.