Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Salon

The weather is warmer today and there is finally some melting happening.  The main focus of the day (aside from the fact that we lost an hour of sleep) has been putting in our floor.

The girls rip up the flooring last week

We put new flooring down today.  The floor project has just started, and there is no way it is getting done today - or maybe not until next weekend, but progress is occurring.

Little Sister has enjoyed closing herself in our new appliance garage - a new activity since the counters were installed on Friday.

Middle Sister and some volleyball friends at Saturday's tournament

Middle Sister serving

I can't believe we have had an entire weekend filled with busy-ness. I've also run a few errands, and tried to read The Social Code by Sadie Hayes, a YA novel.  I'm not cooking anything since my oven isn't even plugged in right now, and am nearly ready to take Little Sister and the friend she has had over today (along with Big Sis, and Middle Sister) to get ice cream at our new ice cream place in town.  I think CHAOS is the adjective I would use to describe our lives right now.

I'm hoping I can make it through this coming week, because next week is spring break! Happy Sunday, friends!

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Ti said...

What kind of flooring are you putting in?