Monday, March 3, 2014

Mercy Snow

June McAllister enjoys her status in Titan Falls as the first lady of the town. Married to Cal McAllister, who own the paper mill in Titan Falls, she has moved up the social ladder from the small Florida town where she was raised. 

The Snows rank far down the social ladder.  Mercy, her younger sister, Hannah, and her brother Zeke, have made their home in Titan Falls, the one town they feel tethered to because of their mother.  June McAllister would like nothing more than to run the Snows out of town.

And then, it isn't just that June would like the Snows to leave, it becomes a necessity.  June becomes aware of an accident that Cal was involved in, one the two work to cover up - and try to pin on the Snows.

Mercy and her siblings aren't trying to hurt anyone. They are barely eking out their existence, yet despite the fact that Titan Falls is a small town, a type of place where people care about each other and help each other out, Zeke's reputation has preceded them, and no one much cares to find out the truth about the Snows.

Baker's novel was hard for me to put aside. While I enjoyed her earlier novel, The Giants of Aberdeen County, I absolutely loved Mercy Snow.  There is a bit of suspense and plenty of secrets that are uncovered - and some that surprised me.

Perfect for women's fiction lovers and book clubs, Mercy Snow is a novel I am passing on to many of my friends.

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Glad u enjoyed this one as well.