Sunday, March 2, 2014

I would love to have a Sunday where I could report on spring-like weather, but no luck here.  In fact, our furnace has been running nearly non-stop.  It is bitterly cold out and between Friday night and Saturday we added another 6" of snow (according to my husband's estimations).

I was excited to go pick out lighting yesterday at Menards, even though the roads weren't great, and even though I had to drag three unwilling shoppers along.  I ended up without lighting because the one light I really liked they only had one of and I need three.  And, Little Sister broke down crying because she didn't feel good. 

So, instead of having a play date that we had scheduled for Little Sister, we went straight to Convenient Care and I had her tested for strep. And, of course it came back positive.  My husband is pretty impressed with my diagnostic skills - should have had a career in medicine, I guess, and she does feel better today already.

I am getting ready (mentally) to hop on the treadmill for a run. I also need to finish up The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd because it is due back at the library tomorrow.  

We have had so many short weeks at work since Christmas, that I am almost dreading this five day week ahead.  Talk about a dose of reality!

I'm hoping I have some kitchen pictures to update with this week along with a few pictures of new flooring as well.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Ti said...

My daughter is a strep carrier. She is the queen of silent strep. No symptoms except a sweetness to her breath. Whenever I catch a whiff of candy-like breath and she hasn't actually eaten candy, I take her in and she gets treated. It sucks! Because strep can do horrible things to you if left untreated.

I hope your daughter is feeling better now.

Sorry that your furnace is running non-stop. This is one of those weeks where ours will be on and then later this week the AC will be on.