Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Five

Friday, already!  Here are a few things that have caught my eye this past week.  Enjoy!

My collection of summer clothes has diminished over the years. My school where I teach is air conditioned and often too cold to wear any type of summery clothes.  And since mostly in the summer I am just hanging out at home, I usually have a few pairs of jean shorts and running shorts I rotate through.  I love these bumblebee shorts. They are back ordered until June, but since we still had snow flurries yesterday afternoon, it doesn't look like I'll need them anytime soon.

I know for sure I'll wear the shorts if I order them, but even though I love this dress, I'm not so sure it is very practical.  It is on sale now, which is a bonus.  Maybe it has just been winter here for too long since I have summer clothes on the brain.

One of my friends is having great success dieting right now.  I need to have some success at dieting. My pants are tighter than I'd like.  My husband is tired of paying the monthly Weight Watchers online fee when I use it quite infrequently. I have used My Fitness Pal before but my cell phone was so crappy that I didn't last very long with it.  This week I remembered to load the app onto my new phone. It is fantastic!  I love seeing the calorie count and the nutrition breakdown. It hasn't fixed all of my bad eating habits, but it is keeping me more accountable. I didn't have a great day on Thursday, but the rest of the week, I did an awesome job. I just hope it pays off when I get on the scale next week!

One of my friends posted this article on Facebook.  Every classroom teacher I know agrees with this woman's points. Sadly, it's the administrators that don't. 

I've had quite a few classes watch this adorable video of a group of California kindergarteners' re-enactment of Miss Nelson is Back. I love it!

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Ti said...

I love to look at all the clothing catalogs but I rarely buy stuff for myself. I usually end up at The Gap and then buy like 12 t shirts and then not buy any for years. Same thing with jeans.

I work for a university, in a basement. I rarely come in contact with anyone so I can actually wear jeans and t's.