Monday, March 31, 2014

Eyes on You

I was so excited when I saw that Kate White had a new book coming out. I have enjoyed every one of her books.  Maybe it was just a case of setting my hopes too high, but Eyes on You was a disappointment for me.

Robin Trainer is finally having success - she has authored a book that is getting a lot of publicity and she is a co-host of a popular morning show.  Robin especially appreciates this success since she has battled to come back after a divorce and car accident knocked her down.

The one thing tarnishing this happy time is the fact that someone appears to have it out for her.  There are the copies of her book she finds in her office with her face on the back cover that has been ripped. There is the cockroach in her coffee.  There is the brownie she eats that has been drugged.

Although these are all more than just pranks, I couldn't help but think they were rather weak attempts at creating suspense.  The characters seemed one dimensional and I had a hard time becoming invested in the story.

I still will recommend Kate White's novels to friends, but this is one that can be passed up.

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Ti said...

I saw this one and passed on it because it seemed a little juvenile to me. Sorry it didn't work for you.