Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Love

Valentine's Day is not a big holiday in my house, although usually the girls will get some small-ish gift.  One year I bought each of them a book.This year Big Sister and Middle Sister picked out Under Armour sports bras (apparently my kids are growing up a little), while Little Sister had picked out Cooking Mama 3D for her DS long before Christmas. I was proud of myself that I didn't give in and let her have it before Valentine's Day.

So....there really wasn't much left to celebrate today, except for the fact that I had a pile of Valentine's Day books that Harper Collins so graciously sent me a few weeks ago.  They were all new to us, and Little Sister especially has enjoyed reading them to me.

Foxy in Love by Emma Dodd is a sweet, girly Valentine read. Foxy is a magical fox who arrives to help Emily receive her Valentine wish.  Foxy has a hard time giving Emily exactly what she wishes for.  Instead of a pot of hot chocolate, her entire bath tub is filled.  Instead of balloons, she receives raccoons.  However,  even though Foxy doesn't understand what Emily wants, he does know that what is most important is not what you love, but who you love.  

It's Valentine's Day by Jack Prelutsky is a collection of fun, rhyming poems about this love-filled holiday. Little Sister read several of these poems to me this morning, laughing a little in delight over the silly-ness of them.  In easy-reader format, this is a collection that can be read and enjoyed in small doses, or devoured all at once.

Tulip Loves Rex by Alyssa Satin Capucilli (known for her Biscuit books) is another sweet Valentine read.  Tulip is a unique girl - dancing as soon as she was able. Her life is a happy mix of whirls and twirls, leaps and gallops.  On a trip to a park Tulip meets Rex, a dog that is a bit unique himself. Tulip and Rex have so much fun together that both are sad when the day is done.  After looking at things from a different angle Tulip notices a tag attached to Rex asking someone to take him home.  Girl and dog are overjoyed at their good luck, happy to have each other to love.

Love is Real by Janet Lawler is perfect for toddlers- short and rhyming text accompanies illustrations of various animals with their parents experiencing the joys of unconditional love.  "Love throws gently to your glove, and frees a kite that's stuck above," is one such line from this story.  I found myself enjoying the many ways that parents show their love for their children.

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Ti said...

Oh! I remember seasonal books for The Girl. I used to love to browse B&N's kid section for their seasonal displays. The Girl is not quite into seasonal stuff anymore and this year, gasp, I forgot about Valentine's Day. Sort of. I knew of it but after production week and them having the day off and me having to work, I told myself we'd do something this weekend instead. Neither kid even made a comment about it.

My son is doing singing telegrams for choir today. He did them all day yesterday (a school day, grrr) and even though his school is closed today, he is doing them all day today until about 8pm tonight. Some of my friends bought them for their wives so I am hoping to see some video on FB later today.