Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Salon

Super Bowl Sunday is here and although I don't have any real allegiance to any team, would be happy to see the Denver Broncos win.  I need to do some serious lesson planning since I will be evaluated by my principal this week, and feel as though I am barely keeping my head above water at work (that's what 80 boxes of new books to catalog will do to a person). I need to organize myself a little bit.  My high-school helper was laughing a little, reminding me that not only is the school library a mess but so is my kitchen. I believe her exact words were, "what were you thinking?"

Yesterday Middle Sister had a volleyball tournament.  Her fourth grade team did a great job and ended up winning the tournament.  

Here the champions are....Middle Sister is #2

I ran today for the first time in a few weeks after hurting my foot. It felt good.  Tomorrow I'm taking a day off of running and doing a Jillian Michaels DVD.  Usually I am so sore after that for a few days I barely want to exercise at all, but I would love to try and work out every day this week.

And speaking of every day this week....there are no storms forecast for this evening, which means tomorrow will be the first Monday we will have had school since before Christmas.  There is a big storm looming for Tuesday night and Wednesday that I am hoping passes right over us. 

I'm reading Anna Quindlen's new book, Still Life With Bread Crumbs and loving it.  And I am still sucked in to a few shows I can watch online....I just started on The Good Wife, season's amazing that after a few decades (literally) of not really watching anything much, how much time I've wasted on it this past month. 

Onward to lesson planning. Have a great first week of February!

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Ti said...

Super Bowl was anti-climactic. I get all excited over the food and commercials and sometimes the game, but yesterday's event was a snoozer.

Plus, I am pretty sure my in-laws had a small spat right before we got there because the tension was high.

Today is the first day in the theatre for Oliver. We are all dreading it. Isn't that horrible? The show is always amazing come the weekend but the lead-up kills us all. Long, long nights from 3:30pm-10pm and sometimes no break. No usable break I should say. Not enough time to eat a sandwich or get some fresh air.