Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five

I'm at an all day teacher professional development meeting, trying my best to avoid work.  However, even though my Friday Five is a little bit late, I have found some good websites and posts that relate to my teacher librarian role.

A Year of Reading has such great posts.  I love when they share new websites.  Rethinking Media Centers is their latest blog they brought to my attention.

Thinking about media centers and how to best serve my students, I think these 11 questions are ones I need to take a few minutes to reflect on,

A colleague shared an article with me about why kids hate interesting article, especially as I sit here at a professional development where we are discussing teaching reading.

NewsELA is a great online website that is free to use after registering.  Current event articles can be found on the site, but reading levels can be adjusted in order to allow students of varying levels to comprehend the news stories provided.

These Slipstream Patagonia shoes are calling my name and making me dream of spring, even though we have had Arctic temperatures again this week.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Ti said...

I thought of summer the other day...because it FELT like summer. Our weather. Geesh. We did get some rain the other day and they tell us that rain is coming in about a week to ten days. We'll see about that. Right now it is sunny and warm.

I love those shoes!! I need to do some shopping. The Girl has one pair of jeans. One. She split the knees in two pairs last week and this past weekend, she split the seat in her other pair. She likes those distressed jeans but they don't hold up. So she is cramming her little behind into pants that are way too small. Oh, and while I am getting stuff for her, I will pick up an item or two for myself. The Gap is calling my name.