Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's a Mystery to Me

I have several mystery series that I enjoy, but I see myself as more of a women's fiction reader, a memoir lover, not really someone who gravitates toward grisly who-done-its.  However, this January I have been sucked in to some great mysteries.

Jussi Adler-Olsen is back with The Purity of Vengeance: A Department Q Novel. Carl Morck is once again busy trying to solve another of Denmark's cold case.  Rita, a brothel owner, went missing in the 1980s, and as Carl tries to track her down, his assistants Assad and Rose discover several other people that went missing during that same weekend.  None of them have been found.  
Nete Hermansen spent a childhood short on love, and full of hardships.  After the death of her mother she and her father existed together for a time, but eventually Nete's misbehavior leads her to foster care and more unfortunate circumstances.  As a teenager she is forced into having an abortion by Carl Wad, a successful surgeon who secretly controls the fate of many Danish women by surgically "fixing" them so they are unable to conceive.  Nete vows revenge on Wad for what he has done to her.

Adler-Olsen's series is hard to put down and in this installment there was a twist at the end I didn't expect. This is a great series, and those who loved the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will want to get their hands on it.

Julia Spencer Fleming's one flaw is that she cannot churn out her mysteries more quickly. I had been waiting for this one for some time, and after I finished am already anticipating her next installment.

Clare and Russ plan to get away for a honeymoon to a cabin they are considering purchasing as a vacation home.  The remote location seems like a wonderful and relaxing place, but they soon find themselves all alone in the middle of a terrible ice storm.  From there things get worse.  Just a few houses down from their retreat two drug dealers are holed up with a missing child desperately in need of her anti-rejection meds she takes because she has had a kidney transplant. 

Back in Millers Kill, the police department is investigating the whereabouts of this missing child, finding themselves getting deeper and deeper into exploring the backgrounds of various suspects.  

I loved the suspense, but I was thoroughly excited to see Hadley Knox and Kevin Flynn, two of the officers with a lot of chemistry and a short-lived relationship, thrown together for work. And of course, just when things appear to be looking up for the two of them, Spencer Fleming throws in a curve ball.

Sue Grafton's W is for Wasted was another wonderful reacquainting with some familiar characters. Kinsey Milhone is curious as to why her name and phone number are found in the pants pocket of homeless man that turns up dead.  Soon she discovers not only was the man going to contact her, but he is also related to her - a cousin on her father's side. And, he has left her quite a bit of money.  All Kinsey needs to do is inform his children that their father left them out of his will.  
And somehow, this man's death is related to the death of Milhone's former colleague. A man murdered and with many enemies.

These three mysteries are just a few of the suspenseful reads I've been keeping myself awake reading.  Although my reading in January has been slower than some other months, I'm enjoying everything I am spending time on, and have read 3 titles on my Kindle.

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