Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Salon

It's a snowy Sunday here and my plans of working at school aren't falling into place very well.  Although I could probably get there and back, the roads are slick which I know having driven home from church not too long ago, and the piles of work at home are none too small.

On Friday night I took the girls and some friends to see Frozen, Disney's newest movie.  I had only heard good reviews from friends, and I would concur. Frozen was a fun weekend treat for us.  

Wrestling season is underway, which means I get to do a lot of the chauffeuring myself.  Luckily there are some other girls in the neighborhood that we are able to share rides with for practice, but yesterday Middle Sister had a basketball tournament that ate up the entire afternoon. 

A bit of construction has begun on our kitchen.  This is the view of the back of our house. So far it looks much the same, but the crew has taken off the screened in porch and begun construction on the kitchen addition.  Unfortunately I seem to get home after dark every day and have to look at the progress without being able to see much of anything.

Today I am making some cheeseburger soup, homemade butter, and beer bread.  I've got a barbecued pork roast lined up for tomorrow and some chicken and sausage jambalaya for later in the week.  

I should finish up Southern as a Second Language by Lisa Patton this afternoon and hope to get something else started. Even though I'm not getting much done for school, I plan on taking advantage of this snowy day and curling up inside with a good book or two.

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Ti said...

Your food posts make me hungry.
Tonight we are having turkey tacos but if the boy figures out they made of turkey and not ground beef he will not be happy. I must remember to use lots of seasoning and to brown it really well. LOL.