Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Salon: It's Beginning To Look a Little Like Christmas

With just ten days until Christmas, I am starting to feel a bit of a time crunch as I make my last purchases and wrap up gifts.  Just when I think I have thought of everyone, another name pops into my head.  Our house has not been decorated this year since we are beginning our kitchen remodeling project.  But Little Sister has been enjoying time outside in the snow.

And we do have a small Christmas tree in our basement.  I do miss the decorations, but I haven't missed the time spent putting everything out, and the time it would take to put everything away.

I think after a day of many short stops at lots of stores I am done - except for my in-laws.  Now, I can't wait to wrap these gifts up and get the boxes out of my bedroom.

Today we had the kids program at church.  It is nice to have that done with and off the long list of things to do.  Tonight we will go caroling with the group from church.  Truly, I wish we could skip just this one year, but my oldest daughter wants to go, and has already told our minister that we will be there.

I've got chili cooking on the stove, and am nearly ready to curl up with The Rosie Project for a few minutes.  I've finished Carol Cassella's latest book, Gemini, that will be published in 2014 and How to Love by Kate Cotugno.  I can't wait to review both of them - I'm still thinking about the characters and stories.

This is a view (?) of the window above our sink in the kitchen - the first bit of work that has taken place inside.  Wondering what this coming week will bring for us in terms of our kitchen.

Enjoy the last full week before Christmas, everyone!  

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Ti said...

We commit to holiday stuff and then when the time arrives to go, I never want to! But, after we go, I am always glad we went.

On Saturday, after yet another failed shopping trip at the mall, I collapsed into a heap and watched Elf, ate FULL buttered popcorn and drink the tallest glass of wine ever. I felt better after that.