Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Carol Cassella amazes me.  Her first book, Oxygen, was a novel of suspense centered around medicine.  Now in Gemini, Cassella uses her medical background to develop a story with conditions most have never even thought of.

Cassella's novel moves between two narrators: Raney, whose life unfolds in her chapters and Charlotte, a doctor, who is trying to save a Jane Doe who has sustained injuries in a hit and run accident.

Raney has fallen in love with Bo, her childhood friend.  Her life has been one of struggles, and even though Bo has left his hometown where he lived with his aunt and uncle, he and Raney reconnect at a funeral.  Through a series of events, the two once again lose contact with each other, something that devastates them both.

Charlotte and her boyfriend, Eric, have been together for several years, and even though they are happy together, their relationship doesn't appear to be going anywhere.  Charlotte spends a great deal of time trying to determine the identity of Jane Doe in the ICU as her condition is touch and go.  When she mentions a distinguishing scar to Eric, he asks to see this woman, certain that he knows her.

Although it took me a while to feel connected to Raney, once I was into this book, I was impressed with Raney, who had one obstacle after another to overcome.  I could feel myself rooting for her and hoping that she would find happiness.  

I appreciate Cassella's willingness to bring up tough subjects - like that of quality of life, creating many opportunities to think about this and discuss it.  Gemini should be another great selection for book clubs, and I'm looking forward to talking about it with friends after it's 2014 release.

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Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

This book is up next for me this week.

I am glad you enjoyed it...now I can look forward to it, too.